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Living in an area where racial harmony hasn't yet been fully established, Jilly made a BIG effort to help educate and open minds towards the issue. The photo you see below is that of a poster found in a bus stop near her home in South Elmsall, West Yorkshire. It isn't new here and sadly the ignorance isn't declining. With a daughter of mixed race who also shares Jilly's passion in musically and artistically driven activism, together they set to work.

A single was recorded and released, featuring the young voices of her daughter Melody and her friends and family. On the day of the release of "I don't see colours I just see faces" a racial harmony parade took place through the main street of South Elmsall....despite the terrible rain! Music was played all the way while waving beautiful coloured banners from the back of a removal truck, crammed with children of all colours and ages! The police came out to support, along with members from Love Music Hate Racism. They weren't at all disheartened by the verbal abuse recieved from a local BNP supporter!

The parade ended at the launch venue where a Racial Harmony event was held. Live music from bands supporting the cause and a performance from Jilly and all the wonderful people who helped to create the single, ended a fantastic day!

Since then Jilly has been asked to work in local schools and even speak at a National Union of Teachers conference, all in the name of equality. She still works with the children of her community and her projects are now funded by the NUT. All her work for the community is voluntary!

I don't see colours I just see faces: CD
  • I don't see colours I just see faces: CD

I don't see colours I just see faces: CD

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