At our events we invite you to unwind and drift away to the sounds of live heavenly ethereal female vocals and crystal bowls, beautifully complimented with ambient live bass tones and melodies, performed alongside our own delicately created soundtrack. We bring this to you via the personal comfort of a radio head set, a private audio cocoon for a fully immersive experience.

Following our live soundscape we'll transition in to a sound bath, starting with a selection of soft percussive instruments, and then, bring you into deeper relaxation with the gong. We use a light and airy wind gong and a beautiful deep toned hand made Nepalese chao gong. Our sessions end with some reflective poetry and complimentary tea and cake!

Some of our venues provide yoga mats and at a ‘Floating Sonic Spa’ we use hammocks. Where these items aren't available we ask that you bring something soft to lay on. We suggest a yoga mat, pillow and a blanket. Please feel free to bring something to drink and keep your self hydrated during the session.

Please arrive before the event starts as we close the doors to protect the peace of our guests during a session.

As we use electro magnetic radio waves, our events may not be suitable for people with a pacemaker.

The deep frequencies of the gong are very powerful, providing many health benefits but may affect some people negatively. Anxiety can be triggered and trauma stored in the body can be activated for those with mental sensitivities. Deep vibrations and resting on the floor may be unsuitable for those who are pregnant. We ask that you consider these important notes before booking and take precautions if necessary.

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